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Employers who violate employment laws hope that their workers do not contact Thomas & Solomon LLP. Our class action lawsuit attorneys have a national reputation for successfully handling class action lawsuits of all types and sizes. We routinely achieve favorable settlements against Fortune 500 and other large employers in courts throughout the United States.

Recent Class Action Successes:

  • Over $50 million recovered against multiple banks that improperly paid underwriters on a salary basis, in violation of state and federal overtime laws;
  • Over $20 million recovered on behalf of health care workers in New York, Pennsylvania, and Boston in class action lawsuits alleging that several hospitals failed to properly pay employees for all time worked, including meal breaks;
  • Over $16 million recovered in class action lawsuits on behalf of over 100,000 current and former employees who worked for a major sports retailer;
  • $1.25 million settlement of class action involving a conference and event center that illegally failed to pay gratuities in the form of mandatory service charges to banquet staff employees;
  • Multimillion dollar settlement against a health care provider that improperly paid employees “comp time” in lieu of overtime.

Class actions allow workers to band together to combat large institutional employment violations and recover unpaid wages and other compensation for employers’ illegal policies and practices. Class actions typically involve multiple employees alleging issues such as unpaid wages and discrimination. Oftentimes, it would not otherwise be possible for individual employees to hire their own attorney to pursue a case on an individual basis.

Unlike other firms, we have the experience and resources to go after employers who violate employment laws across the country. We have built a national reputation as a firm that tirelessly fights for the rights of workers across industries and professions. Our class action lawsuit attorneys regularly speak at national conferences and seminars on how to litigate and settle these class action employment cases.

Employment/Wage and Hour Class Action Lawsuits

Wage theft continues to be a large problem across the United States. Employment policies that discriminate against workers based on their race, gender or other protected classes remain persistent. Our uniquely talented trial lawyers and class action lawsuit attorneys protect employees from:

  • Discrimination under the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Age Discrimination Act and other federal and state laws
  • Wage theft under the Fair Labor Standards Act and other state laws
  • Misclassification of employees
  • Employer fraud and retaliation claims
  • Illegal background checks under the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Illegal leave policies and actions under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Because there are numerous protections in place for workers, it can be difficult to know what your rights are and whether they may have been violated. To begin the process of becoming informed of your rights and legal options, call us at 585-272-0540 or our toll free number at 1-877-272-4066.

We Will Clearly Explain Your Rights and Options

The class action attorneys at Thomas and Solomon have helped employees in a wide variety of industries, including health care, restaurants, banquet facilities, construction, retail , call center, and many more. Our employment attorneys have the resources to fight a case of any size, the knowledge of what strategies will bring the best result at each stage of the process, and the proven experience to lead multi-state class actions on behalf of thousands of workers.

When you need the scales of justice evened with your employer, we are here for you. And your employer’s attorney will know we are the firm that has a nearly two decade track record of aggressively and successfully representing our clients against the biggest corporations.

Our attorneys fight every day to protect the rights of our clients in state and federal courts across the nation. We believe fair pay, compliance with state and federal employment laws and freedom from discrimination and harassment are not too much to ask of your employer.

Employment violations can significantly impact your life. You may have lost thousands of dollars in unpaid wages, or been forced to suffer from discrimination or harassment. We can help. We have the knowledge, resources and commitment to hold employers accountable for systemic employment law violations.

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